About Us

Educational Project

The educational project of the International School of Palmela sustains and supports our desire for all members of the educational community to be active participants in the life that is promoted and developed on a daily basis.

Based on the objectives and ideas of the International School of Palmela in Portugal and our own specificity, we have built guidelines to guide us in the coming years. We focus our action on the integral formation of the students, because we believe that through it we will be able to form citizens more just and concerned with the integrity of creation, putting their knowledge and their talents at the service of the common good. The training of all educational agents is extremely important, since constant updating and improvement are essential for those who collaborate in the development and formation of the human person.

This is an open project that materializes in other projects where we find essentially the prevalence in the quality of the Portuguese language and in the logical and mathematical reasoning.
In addition, to the growing concept of globalization, we believe that there is a great need for students to move to an international school where the curriculum provides our community with tools to adapt to all circumstances, both nationally and internationally.
Taking into account the specific characteristics of our community, the transmission of Islamic values as well as the teaching of the Arabic language deserve special attention.

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to provide high quality education both religiously and secularly in order to prepare our students for the challenges of a global world.

We want our students to became excellent practitioners and exemplary citizens who believe, practice and propagate Universal and Islamic Human Values, with the aim of contributing to a better and more peaceful world


1996 1998 2002 2005 2007 2009 2010 2011 Foundation of the Islamic Community of Palmela Beginning of the first cycle with just eight students Beginning of the second cycle and conclusion of the construction of the new building First students reach the third cycle Authorization granted for secondary education Second place for national level and first place for private schools Implementation of the International Curriculum of Cambridge Integration in the ECIS (European Council of International Schools)