The Cambridge Primary program was designed for students ages 5 to 11.

Stage 1 (5 years) – Preschool
Stage 2 (6 years) – 1st Year
Stage 3 (7 years) – 2nd Year
Stage 4 (8 years) – 3rd Year
Stage 5 (9 years) – 4th Year
Stage 6 (10 Years) – 5th Year

The curricular plan allows to develop competences in the disciplines of English, Mathematics and Science. The program also provides guidance for curriculum development and for the teaching and learning process in the classroom.

Teachers can evaluate students using two optional processes:

Cambridge Primary Progression Tests
Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (External Evaluation – Reviews reviewed by the Cambridge Examination Board)

The International School of Palmela offers the following courses for Cambridge Primary:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Portuguese language
  • Physical Education

The Cambridge Primary Checkpoints are held at the end of Stage 6 (5th Year), assessing the competencies acquired by students in the English, Mathematics and Science subjects over the course of the six years.

The exams are mailed and corrected by the Cambridge Examination Board allowing schools to assess student performance internationally.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint can be done in two seasons.


All school materials, including notebooks and writing materials, are purchased by the school.